Saudi Chainlink can supply/install any type of complete fencing systems according to customers specifications /requirement. Following standard specifications are given below for customer’s easy reference and choice but, of course, any fencing required other than mentioned below can be discussed and supplied at a competitive prices:

Wire Products
Barbed Wire

Steel Posts
Pole Barrier (Boom Type)
Concertina Obstacle
Standards Maintained by Saudi ChainLink

bullet Wire Products....
Saudi ChainLink can supply all wire products in:
bullet Galvanized finish (nominal or heavily)
bullet  P.V.C Polyvinyl chloride coated finish (extruded type, bonded type, or fusion bonded type); in dark green color (other color on request).
Wire Diameter:
Galvanized : 2.50 MM; 3.00 MM;  3.76 MM; 4.00MM; 4.50 MM (Other sizes on request)
P.V.C Coated : Core wire 2.50/ outside dia 3.55MM
: Core wire 2.30/outside dia 3.20MM
: Core wire 3.55/outside dia 4.75MM
: Core wire 3.76/outside dia 4.88MM
: Other sizes on request
Mesh Sizes : Diamond Shape: 25x25 MM, 50X50 MM,65X65 MM and 75x75 MM
Height : Any height from 500 MM to 4000MM.
Selvage (Top and Bottom) : Twisted + Twisted, Twisted + Knuckled or Knuckled +Knuckled
Roll Length :15,000 MM,20,000 MM & 25,000 MM. (Each roll has a pre shaped spiral  to join other  roll)

Barbed Wire....
bullet Galvanized
Line Wire : 2 Ply of 2.50 mm
Barbs  : 4 point barbs of 2.00 mm
Spacing : 75mm and 101 mm
Roll Length : 200 meters
Weight : 22 Kgs.

bullet PVC Coated
Line Wire : 2 Ply of 1.80/2.60 mm
Barbs : 4 point barbs of 2.00 mm
Spacing : 75mm and 101 mm
Roll Length : 200 meters
Weight : 16 Kgs (approx.)


bullet Steel Posts....
bullet Galvanized
Diameter : 33 MM OD (1”) up to 219MM OD (8”)
Length : Full or cut to size

bullet PVC Coated
Powder Coated : 33 MM OD (1”) up to 219MM OD (8”)
Painted : 33 MM OD (1”) up to 219MM OD (8”)

bullet Concrete Posts
As per SSD-1 Specifications


bullet Gates....
bullet Bolted Construction                  :           Manually operated
bullet Welded Construction                :           Manually or electrically operated
bullet  Sliding Type                               :           Manually or electrically operated
bullet   Single leaf or Double leaf (any size)


bullet PoleBarrier (Boom Type)....
bullet Manually Operated
bullet Electrically Operated



Concertina Obstacle....
bullet Barbed wire type
bullet Barbed tape type
bullet Galvanized or Stainless steel


bullet Standards Maintained by Saudi Chainlink....
bullet ASTM A-120,A-121,A-123,A-153,A-392,F-552,F-567,F-626,F-668
bullet AASHTO M-181
bullet BS 1722 PART-10 OR Part 1
bullet SSD-1,SSD-2,SSD-3 and SSD-5