About Saudi Chainlink Fence Mfg Co.

Our Goals


Since its establishment, Saudi Chainlink has specialized wide range of Fencing Systems starting from high security to private fences as well as Industrial and agricultural/farm fencing systems. Its activity initially coverd all parts across the Kingdom and currently we have expanded our valuable service across all G.C.C. states where we have established agents in almost all the states. In the past at 1985, Saudi Chainlink has made a close co-operation for two years with M/s Heras Fencing Systems of Holland to improve its product quality and administration in view of providing its client with he best services in the fencing field.


In order to be one of the leaders in quality customer services and cost effective prices, our mission is to develop our human resources who are supported by our substantial investment in fencing and security management, and keep them constantly updated and enhanced through our commitment to total Quality Management and training programs.


  • Offer our customers a fast and accurate service with minimum price.
  • Continuous improvements in digital technology.
  • Continue to motivate hard working staff and share the extra profits with them.
  • Make a regular and continuous maintenance to the transportation and manufacturing machines intact.
  • Be fair to the society and environment and help improving the quality of life locally and Globally.
  • Increase our value-added services to over-peer our competitors.

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